I have Prostate Cancer

Monday, Nov 28, I learned that I have Prostate Cancer. Jo Ann and I met with my doctor Wednesday, Nov 30 to hear details of my biopsy and discuss options.

The good news is that’s it is slow moving, caught early, and most likely confined. Given my young age (50) surgical removal of the prostate is recommended. Removal is recommended because other treatments do not stop or eliminate the Cancer, they only slow its advance. Removal should eliminate this Cancer for me.

More good news (perhaps the best) is that surgical technology in the last 10 years has reduced chances of adverse side-effects from 80% to 10% according to my doctor.

I will probably have surgery in January, but plan to do a lot of research before I make that decision.

If you are so inclined search for Prostate Cancer on http://en.wikipedia.org/

We covet your prayers.

Don & Jo Ann

PS. Gentlemen (40 & over), if you are not getting a PSA screening annually … START NOW and start recording the score so you can watch for a change in the slope.

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