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Dear Family,

January 23, 2006

Here I sit,

Listening to Darden Smith, Field of Crows
Loving the feeling that music brings
Wondering what tomorrow brings
Wishing I’d said so much more

Ben, Conner & Abbi,

Celebrate what yesterday gave … eagerly seek what tomorrow offers.
I hope I didn’t asked too much of you.
I hope I asked enough.
Always … always … always be true.
Practice what you know.
Trust your hunger to know more.
Let others teach you.
Never give up.
Always treasure your gifts.
Love others, as you would have them love you.
Listen to your mother, and grasp for all she offers.
Trust your heart.
Practice listening & watching for God.
Life is hard … and will never be fair.
Savor the Sweet … and the Bitter.
Was Gonna, Could’ve, Should’ve … are not thoughts that count.
Master learning … and practice it the rest of your life.


Thank you for loving me, staying with me, holding me, accepting, pushing, lifting, loving me, caring for me, giving all, accepting all I offered, birthing and mothering our beautiful children.

Here I sit,

Loving the feeling that love brings
Wondering what tomorrow brings
Wishing I’d listened so much more
Wishing I’d written more