You have been our companions*

Sally & Potters Wheel,

Jo Ann and I deeply appreciate the love, prayer and care given by Potters Wheel over the last few weeks.

I am feeling strong, driving when needed and hope to return to work late this week or next. I attribute my quick recovery to the Love and Peace of Christ expressed through Bethany, COTS and others.

Please direct remaining meals that were planned for us to Barbara & Bryan Buchan.

You have been our companions* sent by God. May the Peace of Christ be with each of you.

Don & Jo Ann

* “Not Answers, but The Answerer, by Browning Ware

When I was younger, I thought that there was probably an answer to every problem. For a time, I knew many of the answers.

I knew about parenting until I had children.

I knew about divorce until I got one.

I knew about suicide until three of my closest friends took their lives in the same year.

I knew about the death of a child until my child died.

I’m not as impressed with answers as once I was. Answers seem so pallid, sucked dry and void of life. Knowing answers seduces us into making pronouncements. I still have a few friends or acquaintances who are 100% sure on most anything, and are ready to make pronouncements on homosexuality, AIDS, teenage pregnancies, abortion, sex education or whatever is coming down the pike. But, when we get shoved into the valley of our shadow, a pronouncement is the last thing we want.

More important and satisfying than answers is the Answerer. “Thou art with me.” That’s what we crave. There may or may not be answers, but God, the Eternal One, would like very much to be our companion.

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