First walk after catheter removal

Monday, Feb 6, my catheter was removed … ouch … what a relief … dang!

This is without question the most frustrating week of my recovery. I feel great, haven’t needed pain medication for a couple of days; but poor bladder control (there I said it) is a real deterrent to focus and function. I don’t want to talk about it and writing is only slightly easier … and Depends jokes just aren’t funny anymore. I just don’t know how to respond when people ask how I’m doing; it’s against my nature to say ‘fine’ when I’m not fine, but I don’t want to talk about this.

When my doctor advised prostate removal one of my first questions was how long will recovery take? He said, “some return to work in two weeks, others take longer”.

It is standard practice to leave the catheter in for 2 weeks after surgery and I sincerely doubt that anyone returns to work 1-2 days after a catheter is removed that has been in place for 2 weeks … do the math.

I will recommend to my doctor that he change that response for future patients.

Please pray for my patience, progress and acceptance. This morning I enjoyed my first walk around the block since removal.

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