A strange morning

This morning was very strange. I woke at 5 AM and got up to pee. It was too early to stay up so I went back to bed, but laid there feeling a little strange and unable to go back to sleep until about 5:45 (very unusual for me). Next I woke at 7 AM in the mist of a disturbing and crazy frantic dream.

I got up and tried to function as much as possible like I was going to work; took a shower (longer than normal trying to sooth the stress), dressed for work and went down to breakfast.

I haven’t taken any pain drugs except an occasional Ibuprofen since last Wed. This morning after breakfast (about 8:30 AM) I felt a little sick, achy, shaky and had a craving for vicodin (what I took for pain for 2+ weeks). I’m not kidding, I was craving vicodin even though I didn’t have any pain. It would have been VERY EASY to just take one, but I didn’t.

I was having some sort of withdrawal from the vicodin. The strange part is I didn’t have any pain. The symptoms, the craving, the shaky feeling were subtle, but very real. I sure hope I’m done with THAT!

After breakfast I laid down and went to sleep for about 2 more hours and when I awoke it was all gone and I felt great.

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