Control Past & Present

    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
    ~ George Orwell

We all know that the present will soon be the past. That last sentence was written in the past. The next sentence will be written in the future. But then again, here it is and it was written before you read it, therefore it is in the past.

Every event that takes place will be in the past. So when Orwell says, ‘Who controls the past controls the future’, he is simply stating the undeniable fact that the past was at one point the future.

The past can not be changed unless you change it while it is the future. Controlling your future is the same as controlling your past.

The future is an idea of what will happen. The past is what has happened. Two very different this, but then again, like I said earlier this next sentence is in my future. Here it is, the past.”
~ Conner J. Strickland

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