My cheap HDTV for $107 + shipping!

I’ve been reading about HDTV for months and decided not to buy one this fall because too many stars were still not aligned (how would I record HDTV, I would need to replace my TV Audio system, DLP, LCD or Plasma, DISH, ATSC or Cable).

    So I started exploring alternatives …

  • Apple products would play in this space
  • Turn key PVRs are TOO EXPENSIVE from Windows Media Center to Tivo HD to DISH HD
  • PVR add-ons for Mac OS X from Miglia, EyeTV & Elgato
    Five years ago, before HDTV, PVRs, Tivo, Dish & Cable …

  • we’d just plop down
  • turn on the tube
  • pick a ‘free’ over the air channel (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS or Fox)
  • watch whatever they offered at that time
  • poor image quality meant adjusting the antenna or accepting it
  • my 40 year old eyes couldn’t read text (scores, ads, notices) on our 32″ tube
  • we solved that with a 52″ Toshiba rear-projection, tube for about $1700 (if I recall correctly)
  • we chose NOT to buy Progressive Scan or HD Ready for double or triple the price
  • recording a football game meant catching 4-5 hours on crappy VHS tape
    Three years ago Ben started college and …

  • won a spot on the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band.
  • We captured a few games via network TV with glimpses of him on VHS,
  • but had no good way to share them with others.
  • A 2-3 second glimpse recorded on VHS via an over-the-air network broadcast as the camera sweeps across the entire band yielded an image that only parents could love (or recognize).
  • A VHS copy of the VHS original was totally unacceptable (and uninteresting).
  • Didn’t even try getting a VHS clip to my computer or iPod to share!
    Two years ago we bit the bullet and subscribed to DISH Network

  • about $40 per month
  • I chose DISH for low price (much lower than cable)
  • and mostly for the dual-tuner DISH PVR (Personal Video Recorder)
  • this improved image quality and expanded channels so we could see ALL the games!
  • I added a $90 DVD Recorder to keep content
  • Handbrake let me rip the DVR-Rs to computer & iPod for sharing
  • DISH improved quality, but sharing still took hours!
    • record to PVR,
    • record PVR to DVD-R,
    • rip DVD-R to computer,
    • extract 3 second clip and share it finally!

I found the Miglia TVMini HD via Amazon last week for only $107 + Shipping!

More about how this is changing my TV experience with HD and much easier sharing next.


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