Andy’s giddy

Tivo + Amazon S3 = Infinite Goodness!

The idea of putting all my backups out at Amazon … well … let’s just say giddy is not the feeling I get.

What happens down the road when Amazon accidently exposes itself, goes bankrupt, sells to some foreign company, sells to Microsoft, sells to anyone!

    Amazon says …

  • $0.15 per GB-Month of storage used.

So … a 1GB copy of Heroes S01E14 (H.264, HDTV, 960×540) would cost me $0.15 per month to store on Amazon S3. After a year it’s costs me $1.80 (12 x $0.15). Let’s say I have all 14 episodes of season 1 (so far), and 14 episodes of 3 other shows.

$1.80 x 14 x 4 = $100.80 and that’s just for 14 episodes of 1 season of 4 shows! That’s 1 GB x 14 x 4 or only 56 GB for $100.80 and that’s just the first year! Am I doing the math wrong?

$115 will buy a 250 GB Western Digital MyBook disk, double that cost so I can mirror the data and I’ve still got 125 GB mirrored capacity for about what Amazon S3 wants for 56 GB for ONE YEAR. The Western Digital drive has a 2 year warranty and most drives last WAY LONGER.

Also … and this is just a guess from 30 years of experience … but hard drives will get cheaper while I’ll bet Amazon S3 prices go up over the coming years.

What happens if I stop paying my bill. How long before my data vanishes. Does it ever really vanish? What if I want it to vanish … what if the RIAA (or some other evil) decides I shouldn’t have my data … will Amazon give them the keys to my data?

Sorry Andy … I’m just not getting the tingle here.


PS. This little scenario doesn’t even include the $0.20 cha-ching each time I fetch my data

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