Hardware vs Software for TV on my Mac

1) Miglia TVMini HD receives Digital TV via an antenna (only) and connects to the Mac via USB 2.0. This includes HDTV shows -AND- Standard TV resolution shows. At my house just using the simple included antenna I get NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and two PBS channels. I’ve recorded some outstanding HDTV episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Heroes, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights and various PBS shows like Nova and Nature.

2) Miglia Evolution TV receives analog Standard TV only (not digital, not HDTV). It has inputs for Antenna, S-Video or Composit Video (RCA) and connects to the Mac via USB 2.0. Evolution can also receive from Cable Box, DISH box, VHS VCR … anything that ‘Plays’ video and audio via S-Video, Composit Video (RCA) or antenna cable. I use it mostly, so far, to record shows from my DISH DVR via S-Video.

3) Both boxes are supposed to work with EyeTV software by Elgato, which provides the Program Guide and setup choices for file format, compression, quality, editing, etc. The TV Mini HD works beautifully with EyeTV, but Evolution TV so far has not worked with EyeTV for me so I have been using the less impressive Evolution TV software that came with that box.

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