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Beware: Google PhoneBook

March 29, 2007

According to Snopes Google PhoneBook can indeed give a map to your house if they have your phone number.

Not always a good idea, however Snopes provides an excellent and balanced perspective.

Google allows you to block your name & number. Google for your phone number, click on your number in the search results and then click “Request to have your name removed from this list“.

Removal takes 48-hours.


Essence of a Geek Husband

March 29, 2007

In “Roomba Rocks“, Andy said,

“So, with all the excitement of the Woot availability-bar dwindling down, creating the ever-increasing drama, anxiety, and impulse-buying-twinge that is most often felt in “the last mile” of the local Fry’s, I quickly picked up the phone and called The Wife.”

That one brilliant sentence captured the essence of a geek husband.


ZZ Top still ROCKS!

March 26, 2007

Conner and I met Walt & Willie to see ZZ Top in Belton Saturday evening! As we arrived we prepared for the chance that ‘the little ol band from Texas’ might be and little too old to rock.

We were WRONG! Billy, Dusty and Frank kicked some serious blues rock ‘tush’ … way beyond our expectations.

Apparently there are still a few tickets at the Backyard in Austin for the April 15th show!

I stopped watching digg

March 26, 2007

… when digg started banning sites I read more than digg … like

MacWorld: Picking an HDTV for your Apple TV

March 21, 2007

MacWorld: Picking an HDTV for your Apple TV.

1080i on 1366×768 resolution problems

March 21, 2007

The HD1080i blog has an outstanding article about 1080i on 1366×768 resolution problems.

What they can know about you

March 13, 2007

What they can know about you

[Thanks to Doc]