My new HDTV Antenna

Saturday I bought an HDTV antenna at Frys that I am very happy with.

My signal strengths went from 40-60% to 60-85%. I think the greatest value is that the signal strengths for each of the channels are now stable. With the included antenna I got fluctuation of the strength but now it is rock steady at 60-85% depending on the channel. This antenna is directional but I think I’ve found a position that works great for all of my channels.

Channel Master 4-Bay, $29 (Saturday’s sale price)

They have a larger Channel Master 8-Bay antenna from the same company that is supposed to work even better, but I’m going to stick with the one I bought.

Right now I’m just using the thing in the corner of my office down stairs and it works very well. I live about 10-15 miles (I think) from most of the broacast towers in Austin.

I used to estimate which direction to point the antenna and then tuned it using the signal strength indicator for my TV Mini HD.

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One Comment on “My new HDTV Antenna”

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