sudo vs psuedo

in a discussion to assist Dave Winer with super user access to enable configuration of Apache on Mac OS X here I posted the following … hoping to spread the word on one of my nit-picking peeves.

Samiq said, “remember to run as super user when doing some tasks by using the sudo command!”

Nicely said Samiq.

May I add that when one discusses the sudo command vocally, PLEASE pronounce it su (as in the first syllable of super) and do (to perform a task). I hear way to many people mispronounce it as pseudo (like the first two syllables of pseudonym).

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One Comment on “sudo vs psuedo”

  1. samiq Says:

    Hi Don, I agree with you 100%… not only its is pet peeve but stating the right word will help people understand what they are doing and the resources being in use…



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