a victim and “those who trespass against” her

Vicki Courtney,

You are a fabulous source of inspiration … no doubt.

But … I’m pretty sure the link for Mercade’s MySpace page might be a hateful fake (and I have my doubts about the link to her mom’s page). I am NOT defending Mercades, not by any means. I’m just saying I’ve seen at least one report saying that MySpace site is a fake put up by someone throwing gasoline on this fire.

Also, while I am disgusted and appalled at this example of horrid behavior by young people, I am also deeply disturbed by the widespread venom and hatred in response to this event. So far, this event and most of the responses to it illustrate clearly how hatred begets hatred.

Please pray for grace and mercy for all 9 of these young people; the victim and “those who trespass against” her.

When I watched the video of Victoria’s Parents’ response I was impressed by their grace and composure. Their lack of hatred, even as they express unbearable pain, was extraordinary.

Last (for now) please pray for my 14 year old daughter that she will be more defined by her faith and the Peace that Passes all Understanding than by the hatred, fear and anger of these time.  Pray that she will use the internet for grace and good.  Pray that her mother and I along with her brothers and friends will inspire and guide her to be extraordinary in these challenging times.

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