My Fellow Americans

Jan Chapman has long been one of my pastors. I did not ask for her permission to apply that title and I can assure you she would protest.

pastor: The word itself is derived from the Latin word pastor which means shepherd.

Jan has shepherded me many times; sometimes when I called to her and other times when I did not anticipate the influence of her grace and faith.

Jan’s blog, Thinking in Peaces, restores my soul in these times. If you are indeed a person of faith or a person who believes ‘… these Truths to be self-evident …’; I challenge you to read Jan’s blog with a faithful heart.

Even if you vote and bleed Republican, at least let her faith bless your soul. Let your faith inform your politics, not the reverse.

~ dws.

PS. If you know of a faithful and graceful Republican blogger, please send me an email. I’d really like to find a Republican perspective other than the all-to-loud lunatic fringe that questions my faith and my patriotism.

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One Comment on “My Fellow Americans”

  1. mamadelapaz Says:

    We are in this together, my friend…that is why the words at thinkinginpeaces sometimes hit your day’s thoughts. Neither of us is the shepherd, you know…we are both just feeling our way along this dimly lit hallway of life with our hands on the wall. Thanks for being close by to cheer me when I am steady (and to catch me when I fall). Peace. Peace.

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