Is it confusing that we vote opposite ‘colors’ and celebrate a common faith?

I recently received an email from a friend. He forwarded it from someone I don’t know and will likely never meet. The message contained the following quote.

How I can live in South TX, surrounded by churches and know that the county I live in is a “blue” county only baffles me. But, I go to church with one of the biggest democrats in this area. I have a hard time even looking at the man (which I know is wrong). I remain confused.

What exactly is this person confused about?

Is it confusing that we vote opposite ‘colors’ and celebrate a common faith?
Would it also be confusing to discover someone of a very different faith voted the same ‘color’ as you?

I’m pretty sure the real problem is that we listen to the campaign rhetoric more than we listen to our faith or the wisdom of our constitution. I am quite certain that the authors of our constitution did NOT all attend the same churches nor did they always vote in unison.

VOTE your political conscience and respect others for voting theirs. Practice your faith and let it inform your political vote; but please don’t get the two confused.

~ dws

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