Too early to tell

From CNet, KNOWN to drool all over Microsoft announcements )

Too early to tell
While there’s no doubt that Microsoft caught everyone’s attention with the Project Natal announcement, it’s by no means certain that it will be a business success. For one, the company gave no indication of when the technology would be in users’ hands. Nor did Microsoft say whether it would be sold as an Xbox accessory or be bundled with the console.

… afterward, Microsoft could not provide any additional details about the technology.

What this all means, then, is that while it’s very clear Microsoft has some seriously cool technology on its hands, there’s no way to judge–based on what we know right now, at least–whether Microsoft can successfully integrate Natal into its larger Xbox ecosystem.

Let me remind you of the desperate demo of Microsoft Surface trotted out just before the iPhone introduction two years ago. We were told we’d see them by fall … yeah right. The ONLY Microsoft Surface I’ve seen was in a lame movie (along with Aliens, a 40 ft robot with a Laser Eye and Intergalactic Orbs).
~ dws

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