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2001 Motorola Flip no sync to 2009 iPhone 3Gs !!

July 1, 2009

In 2001 I used a Motorola flip phone, and loved it. However I was annoyed having to maintain contacts in the phone with no way to sync or even copy then to my computer. I tried various cables and searched for software, but it all stunk and was worthless.

In 2003 I got a Sony Ericsson phone with Bluetooth which would sync with my Address Book on Mac OS X! After that I refused to ever have a phone that would not sync with my computer. Next few years I moved to better & better phones with BlueTooth, each time just syncing with my Address Book and I’m ready to go with the same contacts I’d used on the previous phone.

In 2007 I got an iPhone, 1st generation. Bluetooth was not fast enough it synced the following via a USB connected dock; Music, Pictures, Video, Podcasts, Calendar, Email, Contacts, Bookmarks via iTunes !

Today, 2009, I got an iPhone 3Gs. Via USB it syncs all of the above along with Notes, Ringtones, Apps & Games ! After one sync it feels like home, with all the same content I had on the first iPhone and this one is now less than half full ! If I want (which I don’t yet) I can sync contacts, calendar & bookmarks via push.

If you still maintain a contact list in your phone by hand and don’t understand why sync is so great … please ask me.

~ dws.