Too funny to let wash away down the Twitter stream

RT @wilw I’m going to be 38 in three days. I know it’s irrational, but it feels much, much older than 37. I blame Monty Python. original

RT @wilw RT @joethomann Quit your whining, old woman. Or I’ll show you the violence inherent in the system. // Iced tea through the nose. Thanks. original

RT @wilw RT @BiGLetteR Actually 38 isn’t irrational. It’s not even prime. // It is times like this that I am so very happy to be a geek. original

RT @wilw RT @monkeysailor but it is natural, and the sum of the 1st 3 primes. // Okay, turning 38 just got a whole lot cooler. original

RT @wilw RT @pastxmas Breaking News: Wil Wheaton goes on a tangent after seeing sines of aging. // Laughed so loud I scared my dog. original

RT @wilw Wait. The sum of the first three primes is 10. How did I miss that? I MUST HAVE HAD A SENIOR MOMENT OH SHIT. original

RT @wilw It’s the sum OF THE SQUARES of the first three primes. LOOK AT ME I CAN DO MATHS. Okay, now I’m going to see Dr. Whisky. original

RT @wilw RT @monkeysailor I meant the sum of the squares. Nobody notices when I do things right. Get 1 thing wrong, and @wilw retweets it. // Whoops! original

Happy Birthday @wilw and I hope it is both Prime and Irrational!

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