Are you new to twitter?

Finding a twitter app for your phone:

Don’t spend much energy on this yet. Your requirements will shift as you use Twitter.

Pick something free to start.

Finding people to follow:

Look at who your friends follow.

Ask people if they are on Twitter when gathering contact info.

Follow interesting lists like

Finding poeple to follow you:

Don’t sweat it yet. They will find you.

Invite interesting friends & family to try it with you.


Set twitter prefs to notify you via email or SMS when someone follows or @mentions you.

When a tweet includes @username that is a mention. Most Twitter apps will help the user see all tweets that mention them.

When a tweet starts with a @mention that is a reply; which will only be seen by the sender and the person mentioned AND tweeps who follow them both. Read more here: RT @adamsconsulting: Twitter 101 | A Refresher In @ Replies –

When you see RT what follows is a Quoted ReTweet. I included a ReTweet in the tip above.

Tweeps or tweeple or twpl or ppl are Twitter users.

Hashtags are words that start with # to tag a tweet so it will be found via searches for that tag. #ThisIsATag #thistoo #twitterTips

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