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invoking God doesn’t help your case

September 9, 2012
A friend of 30 years asked me, “is the Democratic party representing people of faith?”
Rather than taking offense, because I know he meant none, this was my response.
I’m fairly sure there are many people of faith in Jehovah in both Rep & Dem parties, as well as in neither of those parties. I don’t spend any time thinking about that and I’m fine with separation of church and state continuing to be a distinctive feature of the USA.
LIke I said before, “4) If your opinion can’t stand on it’s on Grace & Sanity then invoking God doesn’t help your case”. Said a different way, when discussing faith I also would not spend part of that conversation asking who someone voted for in the last election. Said one more way, I’ve known lots of people with whom I share faith and absolutely do not share politics and vice versa.
Yes I care, but no I do not think either discussion is enhanced by mixing it with the other; which I also think is consistent with the intentions of our Constitutional Founders.