My idea for a prequel to “The Interview”

I haven’t seen the movie yet and probably will only watch it if my family insist we do so.

However, if I were a screen writer I would already be banging out the following prequel.

!!! This is fiction as far as I know -AND- I am not a screen writer -NOR- am I a hacker !!!

* I first wrote this as a series of Tweets but decided NOT to tweet it because I’m not interested in trying to convince the Local Law nor the FBI that it’s just my imagination and NOT REAL as far as I know.

On to the prequel idea:

Someone should write a prequel that is base on the premise that this whole Sony vs N Korea fiasco was actually an elaborate global hack to do the following.

Only after watching the prequel would the USA public and media start to realize that they’ve been owned by an elaborate global hack that they THOUGHT was all about a controversial movie and exposed personal data but it was really …

step1: Hack a major studio like Sony, something mastered & practiced many times in recent years. #globalHack #manyMoviesGetStollen

step2: Poison a major movie prior to release so that when played via Flash or Java it owns the device. #prepForFutureAttack #globalHack

step3: Create a diversion by stealing & revealing personal records so that NO ONE notices the poisoned movie #globalHack

step4: Get the media & public sucked into the storm with a rumor that the attack was sponsored by a rogue nation #globalHack

step5: Sit back & watch while movie is played on more screens than any movie in history, each confirming infection #globalHack

Not saying this happened. But seems doable. All players (Studios, Public, Govs & Media) are so predictable #globalHack #wasntMe

Even if NO malicious code is involved, a hacker would be proud to have created this whoRahRah #globalHack #wasntMe #imNotaHacker

~ from the warped mind of an old tech fart

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