i’m a lucky dad

Dear Abbi,

You are twenty and before this year is done you will have taken your last class required for college and I will have given you away to be married.

You sit across our kitchen table from me as I write this, probably wondering WHAT I am crying about … or perhaps you know because I’m pretty sure women know EVERYTHING we men are thinking.

Smart, girlie, faithful, strong, reliable, sweet, contributor, stable, loving, diligent, caring, driven, creative, healthy, confident, beautiful, clear-headed, humble, supportive … well … you get the idea. I only ended that list because I need to move on and I’m sure my readers already think it’s too long.

Yesterday you were a blessing making our family complete and fulfilling our dream to have a girl. Today you hardly need me and may have only let me refill your water glass because I asked twice. Your independence is both fabulous and frustrating.

I’m sure my boys are better men because of their sister and I am a better father and husband than I would have been without you.

I hope you learned as much from my mistakes as you did from my teaching.

Love others with equal parts patience, kindness, grace, forgiveness and respect.

Be confident in what you know and believe, but know that time lost defending it could have been better spent in discovery. Certainty is comfortable but can make you blind and def. Listen and watch carefully those who question your convictions. Know that not all differences must be resolved or even explained.

I love you baby girl,

August 23, 2014

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