Our HDTV recap of the last 10 years

Today, Feb 2017

I am still using the Channel Master 4221 antenna that I bought for about $30 at Fry’s 10 years ago to support HDTV and pretty much the same setup.

50 feet from the antenna is a powered signal amp with antenna in and two lines out. One goes to my desk and the other to an old 14″ HDTV in our dressing area. At my desk I can watch and DVR using EyeTV software on an old iMac.

Now that we’ve eliminated Spectrum Cable TV I’ll split it three ways to provide a new line to the living room.

Hard to believe it’s been 10 years!


Here’s all the nerd details in several posts I wrote ten years ago.

Feb 2007 (10 years ago)
My cheap HDTV for $107 + shipping!
My cheap HDTV (part 2)
Hardware vs Software for TV on my Mac
two months later I found
My new HDTV Antenna
and also wrote
Comparing Antennas

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