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Now is the time for all US Voters

November 5, 2018

Now is the time for all US Voters to come to the service of their country.

I understand and appreciate that many of you have served and continue to serve your country. Whether you have served as police officers, civil servants, teachers, firefighters, or military, thank you for your service. While I have not served in these capacities myself, I have lost family and friends who have served. You have my gratitude and honor.

I’m also thankful for your service as a voter. I understand that to many of you, as you serve and put your lives on the line, it is really critical for you to work as a unit, that loyalty and the following of orders is crucial to yours and our collective safety; however, your vote is your vote, not your organization’s vote. 

Your duty this Tuesday is to represent yourself and your state, not your organization. I recognize and appreciate that some of you must consistent with your unit. 

However most of you have the power to vote according to your conscience. Please do.



i Hate Junk Robo Callers

May 22, 2018

I just tweeted the following.

– create a contact

– company: “a junk caller” (include quotes)

– add junk numbers to this contact

– tweet your vCard once a week

– merge others with yours

– block “a junk caller”


– if you know me, share your “a junk caller” contact with me via text message

– if you don’t know me, reply with a link to share your “a junk caller” contact


2018 May 22 : my “a junk caller” contact has 105 numbers

Your Mom

May 14, 2018

Your Momma

found me
chose me
loved me

cared for me and hoped for you
planned for you
invited me to help make you

trusted me with you
let me hold you
fed you

guided you
encouraged you
defended you

taught you
trusted you
forgave you

watched you
expected you
celebrates you

You have all she could give
You are the best of her
We love you

And I love her

~ Dad

TxDOT Hurricane, Storm, Emergency and Donation info

August 30, 2017

! DONATE DIRECTLY, rather than through a ‘Fundraiser’ !

Donate to: (Houston) (Corpus Christi) (Galveston County)

Excellent list:  found via @ChelseaClinton on Twitter

Here is an example of a ‘Fundraiser’ on Facebook which keeps 5.75% fee.
“Fundraiser for Houston Food Bank by Stephan Dumothier”

Watch out for and avoid Facebook Donate Invites !

Jim Coupal said, “I donated but am not too happy about the 5.75% fee – I think I’d rather just donate directly to the food bank”. (links above)


* Official Sources of Flood, Storm and Emergency information *

TxDOT will continue to use Twitter feeds and Facebook to deliver storm preparedness, road condition and evacuation information to social media users. Follow these for up-to-the-minute transportation news and local traffic information.

Storm-related Twitter hashtags will be provided for an easy way to find important hurricane information.

The time to be prepared and make evacuation plans is now. Start by reviewing our hurricane evacuation maps below and selecting an evacuation route for you and your family.

Statewide Highway Conditions
or call toll free (800) 452-9292

National Hurricane Center

Use these official flood guages to check travel routes.

Another page that might be useful:


Please review this list of tips :

+ Call 911 only if you need them, not for info
+ Elderly or disabled who need evacuation assistance, please call 2-1-1
+ This is a survival event for the greater Houston area and many more
+ Do NOT move into your attic when water rises, move to roof if needed
+ If you don’t have a life-jackets, find something now to help you float
+ As long as you have house electric, keep your phone charging
+ If you have multiple devices, conserve batteries, use only one device
+ Keep spare devices off and charging
+ Add emergency numbers (see above) in your device contacts
+ Stay focused, prepared, find escape route(s) … links above
+ Conserve drinkable water and durable sealed food
+ Stay at least 50 ft away from power lines
+ Anticipate, spot and avoid submerged obstacles and hazards
+ Ask for rescue and share your location if you need to. Just do it.

+ Send ‘Still Ok’ or something to keep worried love ones informed
+ Share your location with someone safe & dry
+ Minimize watching scary and battery burning video (imo)
+ If your battery runs down, try to let someone know before you loose it
+ Ask safe & dry friends or family to do research and send updates

– – –

Irma, the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history, tears through the Caribbean

* Always, grammar and spelling corrections are appreciated.

William Lowrimore, III was one of the best teachers I every knew

March 30, 2017

William Lowrimore, III was one of the best teachers I every knew.

“Dad took me to the Bank for 3 Loans”

Read Will’s blog and learn and if you are a parent do not fail to teach your kids what he offered.

Focus, Observe, Assess, Strategy, Move, Study

March 16, 2017

Focus, Observe, Assess, Strategy, Move, Study

You must understand what you see

The best move sometimes is sacrifice

Learn from evey move, theirs and yours

This move is important, but the next three to five are critical

Learn from your losses or study more and play less

It is never all about a single game

Sometimes luck happens, but it should not be part of your strategy

Some days are not about chess

Getting started on Twitter

February 23, 2017

why do you hate Twitter? I might be able to help you with that. :-)

This is a Twitter guide for most of us. Celebrities, politicians and journalists will use Twitter in a very different way than most of us.

I’m not a guru or even a great guide writer so I will just start, you can ask questions (via Twitter) and I will improve this as we go.


Twitter is *not* like any other communication method. It is super efficient for discovery and diversity of information.

Every other form of communications from voice (ie. conversation, lectures, speeches, etc) to all the various forms of writing (books, news, blogs, letters, email, chat, etc); all of these have a single source at any given moment and one or more listeners.

Twitter allows a listener (or reader) to actually listen to and even respond to multiple sources all at once. Of course it’s still actually one at a time, but Twitter enables ‘following’ many sources effectively all at once more successfully than any tool before it. Tech nerds might want to correct me referring to various tech solutions that preceded Twitter (ie. BBS, Net News, Reddit and many other examples).

Some might think that your Facebook News Feed is ‘the same’ but really it’s not close. Facebook has it’s value and I use both.


Imagine you are at the most interesting event or gathering you’ve ever attended and you can sit in a comfortable spot and sip and nibble your favorite treats while following however many conversations you find interesting. You find more interesting people and discussions for whatever reasons you choose. You drop in on and walk away from conversations without concern or reservation.

+ It is about who you follow and NOT about what you tweet.
+ It is strange and perhaps confusing at first.
+ Lurk mostly, just scanning and reading, maybe marking favorites.
+ Limit your retweets to start with, to avoid overdoing that.
+ Don’t give any thought to who or how many followers you have.

When you follow someone you can go discover who they follow and perhaps who follows them. It is as easy to unfollow as it is to follow and since none of this is based on personal relationships (like Facebook) it doesn’t really matter; follow, unfollow and follow again later.

Just Do it

Create a twitter account at
Follow me by searching for @strick or go to

Follow these (or not)

When you think of some favorite writer, actor, whomever or whatever search for them or it and follow if you want.

Visit and find others to follow.

Now just go back to and start reading. If you see a source that looks interesting follow it. For now just read and follow and read and follow.

Send me a reply on Twitter to ask a question or just say Hey and I’ll follow you. Then you can ask me questions via Direct Message if you don’t want everyone to see your question. However, I encourage asking them via replies so others can see them.