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News Ninjas covered for me

March 2, 2011

Today I was home sick and unable to attend the live stream of Apple’s iPad2 event.

So I Followed @antderosa @bxchen @parislemon @gartenberg @scobleizer @shawnking @daringfireball live coverage of the event and & @glennf‘s #FakeAppleEvent via my EventShortList using Twitter.

Here are a few highlights, but you can review their full tweet stream about the event at the link above, starting about 11:45 on March 2, 2011.

RT @Gartenberg 1.3lbs, Black and White. ATT and VZW all on day one. Good lineup

RT @Scobleizer “[HDMI] works with all apps,” Jobs says. iPad 2. No setup or config and you can charge while you are using HDMI.

Understatement! RT @ShawnKing Dan Costa, Exec Editor of PCMag on CNBC: “What we’re seeing here is a polishing of the product line…”

GoodToHear RT @Scobleizer I’ve been watching Jobs for the entire keynote. … He’s been standing the entire time, looks healthier than me.

RT @Scobleizer “Everybody can play,” with “smart instruments” in GarageBand. This so blows away anything on Android or HP or RIM. BOOOOM!

RT @AntDeRosa iPad 2 specs are now up on

Amazing! RT @Scobleizer iPad 2 video is up on so you can see it for yourself. See the Smart Cover one. Cute.

RT @ShawnKing After today’s announcements, I can’t imagine a scenario where there will be an “iPad 3” released later this year. Makes no sense.

RT @ShawnKing There’s no competition for the iPad *1* … let alone for this iPad … why release another?

RT @Scobleizer “They (competitors) are talking about speeds and feeds. Just like they did with PCs.” That is not the right approach to this, Jobs says.

RT @AntDeRosa My latest for – iPad 2 : Apple’s Thin Video Powerhouse

RT @bxchen Our hands-on impressions of the iPad 2 with pics by @jonsnyder

RT @ShawnKing New YML Poll: “Will you buy a new iPad 2 before the end of 2011?”

RT @Lessien The changes may appear subtle (on the surface) but the bar’s getting raised today, folks.

RT @Gartenberg Apple’s iPad 2 Event by the Numbers


People I often RT

November 4, 2010

I wonder if anyone follows me & does not the people I often RT;

Reasons I read Twitter rather than Print or TV News:

October 25, 2010

Tweet @strick and help me complete the list.

  • TV News is maybe 15 seconds of information presented in 30-60 minutes.
  • News Print & TV News tell me what is important rather than ask.
  • Twitter is dynamic, real time and current.
  • Twitter lets me adjust who I listen to and who I ignore.
  • Twitter lets me choose when, where & how often I check the news.
  • Twitter is interactive.
  • Twitter is 24-48 hours ahead of News Print & TV News.
  • Twitter does not waste trees.
  • Twitter does not get wet when it rains.
  • Twitter helps me discover new friends & enemies.
  • dws.

    Why does Twitter notify me via email?

    July 2, 2009

    On my updates are protected. I like to know when I’m being followed and by whom.

    Also on settings > notices I have enabled Email when someone starts following me

    The more I use Twitter, the less attention I pay to email.

    However, oddly, I keep an eye on the email watching for new requests to follow me on Twitter.

    That don’t make a lick-a-sense!

    On settings > notices I should be able to enabled Direct Message me when someone starts following me, perhaps with an additional option to send email.