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Tip-toe down this road

September 28, 2006

Last week I was walking with my friend Edward and discussing an annoying limp I’ve had since surgery. Lots of people have noticed it and I’ve discussed it with a few. I have no trouble and no limp walking up or down stairs, but simple walking doesn’t work and wares me out quickly.

Edward asked me if I could walk on my tip-toes and much to my amazement I could not. My right leg works fine but my left leg will not support me and the heel goes right to the ground. I can stand on both tip-toes together and even go up and down on both tip-toes together, but I can not stand on my left tip-toe by itself.


PSA at Surgery + 9 months is still less than 0.1 !

September 28, 2006

My Doctor calls that ‘undetectable’! We’ll check it again in January.