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July 27, 2010

Are you Experienced?


Too funny to let wash away down the Twitter stream

July 27, 2010

RT @wilw I’m going to be 38 in three days. I know it’s irrational, but it feels much, much older than 37. I blame Monty Python. original

RT @wilw RT @joethomann Quit your whining, old woman. Or I’ll show you the violence inherent in the system. // Iced tea through the nose. Thanks. original

RT @wilw RT @BiGLetteR Actually 38 isn’t irrational. It’s not even prime. // It is times like this that I am so very happy to be a geek. original

RT @wilw RT @monkeysailor but it is natural, and the sum of the 1st 3 primes. // Okay, turning 38 just got a whole lot cooler. original

RT @wilw RT @pastxmas Breaking News: Wil Wheaton goes on a tangent after seeing sines of aging. // Laughed so loud I scared my dog. original

RT @wilw Wait. The sum of the first three primes is 10. How did I miss that? I MUST HAVE HAD A SENIOR MOMENT OH SHIT. original

RT @wilw It’s the sum OF THE SQUARES of the first three primes. LOOK AT ME I CAN DO MATHS. Okay, now I’m going to see Dr. Whisky. original

RT @wilw RT @monkeysailor I meant the sum of the squares. Nobody notices when I do things right. Get 1 thing wrong, and @wilw retweets it. // Whoops! original

Happy Birthday @wilw and I hope it is both Prime and Irrational!

Go forth and fail

July 17, 2010

Ben, Conner & Abbi,

You have my permission and my blessing to fail. If you do not fail you will not have tried and you MUST try.

Go forth and fail. I hope you fail early and often. It is the work, the run, the climb, the distance, the endurance that will build you up. Victory is sweet, but quickly forgotten.

Dream large & small, with honor, conviction, humility and confidence.

Ask what you can do for others, but don’t ask them how. If they knew how they would not need your dream.

Henry Ford said, “If I’d asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.”

Love you,


Inspired by: You Will Fail!” and “if you are never wrong, you are never interesting