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It’s good that we don’t all agree. Don’t you agree?

April 29, 2010

A few days ago I read this; “Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black” by Tim Wise ~ and then on a friend’s child’s Facebook I saw “likes: It’s funny how nobody will admit they voted for Obama anymore.”


We live in the greatest country on the planet; during a defining time. What are our children learning from us? Are they learning respect, inspiration and hope? Are they learning to seize the day and dream big?

I’ve lived my dreams. My career was (is) centered in my passion; how lucky is that!

Yet I suspect my kids remember more of my whining and anger about unfair evil in my industry than about those who inspire me. I suspect they know more about those whom I disagree with than they do about who I respect. Imagine how much healthier our country would be today if we trusted our Constitution and respected each other more. You know, “All Men are …” and such?

Please go read “A Parable” and think about how it describes US Politics today. I know I know, that parable probably wasn’t written about Dems vs Reps vs Tea; but it sure does apply don’t you think?

Let’s try very hard to stay in the room, trust our Constitution & trust each other a little more.

I’m just askin,