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one of this parents’ deepest fears indeed

March 31, 2009

the study of relationships between invisible, internal, hidden objects


Thank you Dick & W, maybe they like us better now

March 30, 2009

what was it they hated?

I’d like to read about a lot more CEOs loosing their jobs

March 29, 2009

ANY company that is loosing so much money they need my taxes to save them … should fire the CEO and everyone that reports to him or her. Also, the people that replace them should accept their jobs at 1/4 of the losers salary.

GM CEO resigns at Obama’s behest

Read often … live longer

March 5, 2009

I highly recommend that you regularly read the following blog by a friend of mine, someone I often consider one of my life pastors, although she has never officially served under that title. I can honestly say that every time I read one of Jan’s posts I feel it quiets my soul and lengthens my life.