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JP Morgan Chase & Me vs Hackers

October 3, 2014

Feel free to forward this link to friends and family but I’d rather you only offer it directly to people you know and ask them NOT to forward it. I don’t want world wide exposure.

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“JP Morgan Chase & Me vs Hackers” by dws

JP Morgan Chase bank revealed that they lost millions of customers personal contact info (but not actual accounts, passwords, SS# supposedly).

Here’s how I have responded so far:

1) KNOW what my current bank balance is supposed to be and check it at least once a week.

2) Changed my password NOW and made it stronger (ask me if you need help).

3) DO NOT – DO NOT – trust ANY email that is from or about bank accounts.

* if you get an email ‘from’ or ‘about’ your bank I suggest that you call your bank and ask to speak to the local security officer. ASK them if they sent the email and TELL them that was a STUPID thing to do. Feel free to tell them I said so and give them my phone number if they want to discuss it.

4) DO NOT – trust an incoming phone call from or about the bank. Ask them for a number you can call them back. Then hang up and call the number of your bank that you already have or lookup on web and confirm or discuss the call with bank security.