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Did you know ? Snow Leopard has system wide Text Substitutions

December 3, 2009

Snow Leopard has system wide Text Substitutions built in?

Go to Apple Menu > Sys Prefs > Language > Text
Click + to add your own

ie: dyk = Did you know ?

Now if you type dyk it will be replaced by “Did you know ?” (not good if you use dyk in Twitter).


Did you know ? Snow Leopard Sys Prefs > Appearance > Recent Docs

December 3, 2009

Did you know ? Snow Leopard Sys Prefs > Appearance > Recent Docs changes File menu > Open Recent in various apps (ie TextEdit)

I don’t really like this because I want Text Edit to remember recent docs but I don’t really want the Apple Menu > Recent Items > Documents to remember all recent docs.


I refuse to accept the notion that we can not summon that unity again

December 2, 2009

In the end, our security and leadership does not come solely from the strength of our arms. It derives from our people from the workers and businesses who will rebuild our economy; from the entrepreneurs and researchers who will pioneer new industries; from the teachers that will educate our children, and the service of those who work in our communities at home; from the diplomats and Peace Corps volunteers who spread hope abroad; and from the men and women in uniform who are part of an unbroken line of sacrifice that has made government of the people, by the people, and for the people a reality on this Earth.

This vast and diverse citizenry will not always agree on every issue; nor should we. But I also know that we as a country can not sustain our leadership nor navigate the momentous challenges of our time if we allow ourselves to be split asunder by the same rancor and cynicism and partisanship that has in resent times poisoned our national discourse.

It is easy to forget that when this war began we were united; bound together by the fresh memory of a horrific attack and by the determination to defend our homeland and the values that we hold dear. I refuse to accept the notion that we can not summon that unity again.

I believe with every fiber of my being that we as Americans we can still come together behind a common purpose. For our values are not simply words written into parchment. They are a creed that calls us together and has carried to through the darkest of storms as one nation, as one people.

America we are passing through a time of great trial, and the message that we send in the midst of these storms must be clear; that our cause is just, our resolve unwavering. We will go forward with the confidence that right makes might and the commitment to forge an America that is safer, a world that is more secure and a future that represents not the deepest of fears, but the highest of hopes.

Thank you. God Bless you and God Bless the United States of America.

President Barack Obama, Dec 1, 2009
Presidential Address on Afghanistan at West Point U.S. Military Academy