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To LGBT friends, colleauges and family

June 12, 2016

Today I grieve for lives lost in Orlando at the Pulse Club and their families and friends. I can not imagine your pain.

I do not know what to say, but I want to express compassion for my LGBT friends, colleauges and family. In particular I feel an ache for you who live daily hiding from those who do not accept you. Over the coming days, weeks and months I hope you find support and grace beyond your expectations.




Dave understands why Balmer wants Y!

February 10, 2008

From yahooMicrosoftReloaded.html “BTW, I think I understand why Ballmer wants Yahoo!When Yahoo engineers wake up they program stuff likeYahoo Live, which is pretty cool and runs on the web, and while it steals ideas from smaller companies, it adds some pretty cool stuff of its own.When Microsoft engineers wake up they program stuff like Vista, a multi-year, multi-billion dollar waste of money, time and customer goodwill. They can’t do another Vista without wrecking the franchise. Now the question is — where do they go for growth? That’s what Yahoo is for. “